The Manifesto of coordination council “Indigenous Peoples of Europe”

coordination-620x400The return of peoples of Western Europe on the scene of the History and geopolitical shocks that it brings calls the most conscientious minorities for unity. Movements for independence and autonomy: SOM (Catalonia), Resistencia (North Catalonia), ADSAV (Bretagne), Leia Naziunale (Corsica) and magazine WAR RAOK (Bretagne) decided to form a coordination of indigenous peoples of Europe in order to develop political cooperation, based on joint analysis and common doctrinal orientations. This coordination, which is expected to transform into other structures, is publishing the « Manifesto » that synthesizes ideological principles lying at the heart of it.

The Manifesto of coordination council “Indigenous Peoples of Europe”.
Nowadays Europe is facing the most serious challenges of all time of its existence. Our peoples, overwhelmed by unprecedented wave of migration, see the irreversibly degradation of their ethno-cultural identity. Our culture, our identity are disappearing insensibly, corroded by way of life, incredible vulgarity and emptiness that were imported from the Atlantic Ocean. Our most sacred religious and patriotic values are being ridiculed, the very essence of familу is being undermined by unnatural laws. This aggression results from the triumph of globalist ideology.
Since the fall of the USSR the New World Order, set by the Yankee imperialism, strengths its grasp, made by its armed hand, NATO. The countries of Western Europe, that became vassal after the World War II, have no recourses to resist this power. Moreover, led by the elites, brought up by international finances, they became accessories in this Corporation of Destruction. The EU, simple economical market, was useful for atlantists from the very beginning and did not aspire to power, needed for political existence.
For several decades native peoples of Europe are trying to get themselves free from centralized states, that opress them. The struggle continues since only the groups of blood-related people are able to resist the globalization. Nevertheless, the currents, based on defective ideals of globalization, arised even among the liberation movements. They refuse to recognize the ethnic realities, declare their adherence to public values of extreme left-wing and demonstrate the dangerous blindness, pinning their hopes on EU.
That is why the movements SOM (Catalonia), Resistencia (North catalonia), ADSAV (Bretagne), Leia Naziunale (Corsica) and War Raok (Bretagne) decided to merge their efforts within the framework of coordination of native peoples of Europe. The successors of the movements, that raised the flag of blood-related peolpes at the dawn of the twentieth century, are seeking to take their rightful place. The coordination will allow us to interact with medias in a more active manner. It will show our activists and our peoples that we are not alone, but, on the contrary, tomorrow we will be able to lead the struggle for liberation.
What are we striving for? First, to end the « prison-of-nations » sates and liberate our peoples. The states, born in colonialistic repressions and the Utopia of the Age of Enlightenment, must dissapear to let the hundreds flags of national states to prosper. Second, we are calling for the birth of Europe that is conserned with protection of its own interests; that is uniting in itself the functions of state (army, restrains on nuclear weapons, international diplomacy). We are calling for building the geopolitical coalition that will unite Europe from Galway to Vladivostok. This unioun will aim to create multipolar world, the only alternative for Atlantist hegemony. These political purposes will demand to desintegrate the current « Western bloc » of globalists and appropriate ideologies and structures. The native peoples and identity will become an engine of antiglobalist resistance in Western Europe. Right on this basis Free Europe of tomorrow will be built.

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